The Nepean JMO Wiki

The Idea

Each time junior doctors rotate terms, it can feel like starting from scratch. There is a lot of experiential learning that gets lost.

Presently, information is relayed through multiple mechanisms including face-to-face orientation, variations of a local JMO handbook, online modules and official documentations such as the HETI Term Descriptions. Issues encountered with these mechanisms include difficulties in retrieving information, lack of regular updates, lack of relevancy to actual JMO roles and convoluted review processes of information.

A wiki is an information database which is useful as it allows for end-user contributions, therefore making content up-to-date and relevant to the user group. A wiki database also allows for inter-referencing, which then allows the user to retrieve what information the user needs. An integrated search function will also allow the JMO to efficiently access information relevant to question at hand.

The Nepean Technology Group in 2015 attempted to craft a Wiki for Nepean JMOs

Following a review of the number of wiki platforms out there, we chose to craft our project on wikispaces due to their simplicity of use and ability to afford password protection.

A dedicated team of 4 JMOs gathered term information from colleagues who had recently completed each rotation. Over 30 JMOs and 5 Registrars agreed to draft term guides for our project.

We also developed a guide for consults, a Nepean hospital contact list, JMO Committee information and integrated our JMO Handbook into the wiki.

The wiki was not hosted by the local health district however we received permission from the hospital's IT department to proceed.


With permission from the Medical Education Officer, we were able to secure three 30 minute group sessions with the new JMO cohort. Along with a presentation, we had also promoted the wiki with posters, stickers with login information stuck to name badges, and strong face to face pitching from those in the development team.

Within the first few days of release, we had received between 500-800 page views. Since then we had a steady flow of between 50-250 views daily.

Future developments

At this stage we are in the process of promoting the use of the wiki so that senior clinicians will begin editing and developing the JMO information further. We have also gained approval from the Clinical School to spread its use to Medical Students, which will benefit the Medical Students in understanding the role of the JMO as well as act to enforce behavioural change in the JMO to use the wiki.